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There’s a lot Riding On Your Brakes


The braking system on your vehicle is just as important as the drivetrain that moves it under power. While your engine and transmission provide the “GO”, it’s your brakes that slow you down when you’re ready to “WHOA”! On all vehicles, brakes take a beating every time they are applied. They take the rotational energy of the turning wheel, and by hydraulic pressure turn that energy into heat. This conversion of energy is what allows you to slow down a little, or a lot by pressing the brake pedal. While the pads and rotors suffer with most of the wear, there are other parts of your braking system that need inspection and preventive maintenance as well. The hydraulic fluid can get contaminated over time, making the pedal spongy. Seals can age and start to leak, which not only makes a toxic mess, but as leaks grow your brakes begin to fail. And there are rubber lines that can be damaged by road hazards, as well as brake booster systems that can wear out over time and accumulated miles.

Whenever your vehicle is on a lift, make sure the technician takes a few minutes to inspect the braking system. Without brakes, your vehicle is a speeding missile headed for destruction! Safety demands that your braking system operate at full efficiency at all times. If you find your brakes aren’t working properly, or if you get a BRAKE WARNING light on your dash, stop immediately and have your vehicle towed to us for a brake safety inspection.

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